About Us

Hooray. You came to visit. We’d like to introduce ourselves. We hope you will enjoy our songs. They’re all about peace and kindness and bringing about a better world. You can do that, you know.

We’re Max and Marci and we believe peace and kindness can change the world. We love music, do you?  Max writes the music and Marci writes the words to the songs. We hope you’ll sing along and tap your hands to the music. (That’s silly, we meant tap your feet.)

Here are some fun facts about us.


  1. Max wrote his first song on the piano when he was five years old.
  2. Max’s dad played the violin, and his mom played the cello so there was always music everywhere as he grew up.
  3. Max had a pet mouse who he wished could sing.
  4. Max would rather take his racing car than the bus to school (but his mom said, “NO.”)
  5. Max learned how to make balloon animals (yes even dragons) from his cousin Cliffie.
  6. Max loved being an elementary school counselor and started a peacemaking program in his school and other schools.
  7. Max volunteers in a first-grade class and he loves giving out little prizes to kids for being peacemakers and being kind.


  1. Marci is double jointed and can bend and twist into a pretzel.
  2. She loves books so much that she wants to live in a house made out of books.
  3. Marci’s superpower is flying. In her dreams, Marcia has flown over skyscrapers and trees.
  4. Marci believes in magic, and she was levitated at the Houdini Museum.
  5. Marcia adores music and loves to listen all day. She sings along and dances around the house.
  6. Marci was a first-grade teacher and loved incorporating art and music into all her lessons. She also has written children’s books too.
  7. She loves doing kind acts each day and is dedicated to inspiring children to bring about a kinder and more peaceful world.